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    Hotel in Vitznau    
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Hotel in Vitznau

Vitznau is an attracative resort village in canton Luzern, only 25 km from the city of Lucerne, close to the shore of the Vierwaldstättersee, the biggest lake in Switzerland. Vitznau is a very famous tourist destination in Switzerland, it counts more than 1'200 inhabitants.
The property is located in the center of the town, only 100 meters from the platform of the boats and the cable car station to the mountains. The hotel is leased to a worldwide hotel management school named DCT for 10 years. The hotel was built in 1970, the canalization and the water pipes have been exchanged in 2002. It has 76 rooms of various sizes, an idor swimming pool, a sauna and a gym.
The size of the land is 2'500 m2. There is also an underground parking with 60 parking lots.
Price: 12 M. Franks
Total annual net income: 600'000.00 CHF
Insurance value: 16'000'000.00 CHF
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